Biologicals & Bio-processing

For bioprocesses, filtration is usually used to remove unwanted particles, such as cell debris, from cultures and also to help remove viruses and other bacteria from the same cultures.

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Animal Sera

Our range of animal sera filters retain bacteria, mycoplasma, endotoxins and other unwanted contaminants in serum and plasma.

Blood Fractionation

Saipols range of depth filtration media in the form of cartridges, filter presses and disk filters excel in dia-filtration and blood fractionation filtration.

Cell Extracts

Our specialised range of cell lysates separating membrane technology offer cell debris and protein removal technology.

Enzyme Production

Contact us to discuss our range of semi-permeable membranes formulated for concentrated enzyme purification.

Food Products

When high purity, consistency and safety are paramount look no further than Saipols range of membranes that offer solutions for every filtration stage of the food processing chain.

Starter Cultures

Combining micro-filtration and ultrafiltration Saipols range of micro-filters are effective in a wide range of starter culture applications.


Advanced separation and purification membrane technology provide an effective means of delivering high-end vaccines.