Chemical filtration is when chemical additives remove dissolved wastes from the water. The most common method for chemical filtration uses activated carbon. Other chemical media added to the filter can remove chlorine, ammonia or phosphate from the water.

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Saipols’ range of clarifying membranes and ultrafilters are engineered to deliver consistent filtration results throughout every process and step in explosive manufacturing.

Fertilizers / Pesticides

Saipols range of catalytic activated carbon filters remove a wide range of pesticides and herbicides.

Industrial Gases

Our range of gas separation filters cover various applications from semiconductors and electronics to clean energy, solar and a myriad of other applications.

Inorganic Chemicals

Saipols’ specialist range of cartridges optimises pore size, grain size, activity level, and media density, delivering maximum absorption performance at low-level resistance.

Man-made Fibres

Utilising nanofiber media technology, Saipol’s range of polyester and membrane filters improve high-end fibre quality.

Organic Chemicals

When tannins and dissolved organic compounds are a problem, look no further than Saipols range of activated carbon filters for the solution.