Paint filtration, or to be more accurate, “coatings” filtration, involves paints, oils, varnishes and lacquers that may be very thin and low-viscosity in nature to very heavy, thixotropic liquids.

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Our wide range of adhesive filtration media vary from paper, polyester to polypropylene in media.

Auto Assembly

Saipol’s range of density-graded filters includes low-cost, low-density pleated spray bag filters, depth filters and membranes.

Can Coil Coatings

Our pleated cartridge range offers effective filtration for coil and pre-coating processing.

Jet Ink

Saipol range of jet ink filter media provides longer service life, lower pressure loss, and delivers more consistent batch ink quality.

Magnetic Media

Our range of magnetic media delivers effective filtration to the hydraulic, CNC machinery, slurry, lubricants, pump protection, coolants and laser cutting industries, to name a few.

Paints / Lacquers

Saipols wide selection of filter bags and resin-bonded cartridges deliver cost-effective results to the paints and lacquer industries.

Printing Ink

Our printing ink range of cartridges optimises print performance, retaining oversized pigments and maintaining correct ink rheology.

Printing Lithographic

Saipols lithography filter range effectively eradicates deleterious particulate contamination, micro-bubble void defects and metallic contamination during the print process.


Saipol filters deliver high efficiency and consistent performance, minimising downtime and maximising cost savings in all lube and hydraulic applications.