Industrial filtration is essential for eliminating contaminating particles from air and various gases. Across diverse industrial processes, reliable air filtration and separation systems are indispensable, safeguarding both equipment integrity and the health of the working environment.

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Aluminium Rolling / Drawing

Saipols flatbed filtration media effectively remove fines, eliminating defects and staining of sheets during processing.

Auto Parts

Our wide range of graded density pleated and depth filters protect a wide range of auto processing and fabrication during various stages of production.

Beverage Cans

Saipol range of pre-production filters effectively removes aluminium fines, reducing overall run costs and time and helping to deliver enhanced can quality.

Desalination / Fossil Fuels

Our wide range of desalination membranes and cartridges covers fresh and saltwater applications. Saipol has a membrane to suit all applications whether it’s sea, bore or freshwater.


Saipol range of string wound, particulate, and bag filters suit all electroplating applications, whether using acidic or alkaline solutions.

Engines & Turbines

Our range of filter bags has helped deliver optimum performance whilst maintaining superior cleanliness levels and lowering component failure.


Saipols comprehensive range of mining filters have you covered. We can offer a cost-effective solution, whether it’s processing, health, above or below ground, metals, minerals or fluids.

Pulp & Paper

Whether line or pulp production, bleach preparation or mill fluid system control, Saipol’s pulp process filtration solutions deliver economical and quality end-product results.


Our filter bags and depth cartridges provide an effective range of filtration to process fluids and lubricants, all critical to successful high-end steel production.