Oil & Gas

Filters separate solid contaminants, oil, and water from gas streams. The purity of feed streams in oil and gas refining is crucial to ensure adequate process reactions. Removal of particulates and fluid contaminants is essential for enhancing overall performance.

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Gas Processing

Our amine and glycol removal filters are integral in gas processing, removing harmful liquid and solid contaminants, improving product quality and protecting downstream equipment.

Gas Transmission

Saipol range of gas filtration media removes mechanical impurities, resulting in process efficiencies and delivering optimal process protection.

Lubrication Systems

Saipols cost-effective micro-filtration technology removes fine particulates and contaminants, ensuring smooth, resistance-free movement of critical machinery components.

Oil & Gas Production

Our oil and gas filtration media cover diverse and demanding applications. The range includes coalescers, filter bags and resin-bonded filters.

Oil Refining

Saipol advanced filtration solutions are engineered to meet the most demanding petroleum filtration applications, reducing filter maintenance frequency and culminating in overall cost savings.

Oil Shale Production

Our range of nominal- and absolute-rated phosphorus removal filters, coalescers, and filter bags suit various filtration applications within the shale oil and fracking industries.