Filtration is when solid particulate matter is removed from a fluid, which can be liquid or gas, using a porous medium. Filtration can be easily applied to a large variety of pharmaceutical needs, and because of this flexibility, it is widely used within the industry.

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Saipols’s range of polymeric membranes, filters, filter pads, and lenticular filters deliver effective filtration solutions during every stage of cosmetic production, from ingredient blending to final polishing.

Fine Chemicals

Our customised bag, disk, and sintered filters offer a wide range of fine chemical filtration solutions, from chemical catalyst recovery to pipeline impurity removal.


Saipols high flow downstream catalyst membranes service a wide range of intermediate chemical filtration applications.


Our range of ultra-low extractable capsule filters is ideal for a broad range of pre-filtration and clarification applications, removing many microorganisms and particulates from fluids.

Natural Health Products

Saipol offers a wide range of cost-effective quality solutions for a variety of health supplement production. Whether it’s an elixir, ferment or syrup, Saipol has the solution.


Our range of high-grade, high-performance PES, PVDF, PP, glass-fibre depth, and pleated filters deliver the highest removal rate of coarse upstream to fine downstream particulates and colloids.