During filtration, the clear water passes through filters with different pore sizes and different materials (such as sand, gravel, and charcoal). These filters remove dissolved particles and germs, such as dust, chemicals, parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

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Our commercial range of filters focuses on high flow, low resistance particulate removal cartridges to high-end bacteria-free membranes.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Saipol offers practical, cost-effective, workable solutions to ongoing water treatment issues, from filter longevity to filter performance rates. Contact us for further information.

Food Service

Our range of performance tested food service cartridges deliver ongoing appliance protection and end product quality.

OEM Retrofits

Whatever your needs, whatever the brand, Saipol can offer or manufacture a compatible cartridge to suit your budget and needs. Contact us for a quotation.


Saipol carries a wide range of residential retrofit cartridges at affordable prices. We have the alternative, whether it’s 3M, Everpure, Cuno or Puratec.